Baby Bottles Plastic or Glass

Many years in the past, the one baby bottles obtainable to oldsters have been those fabricated from glass, which wasn’t solely heavy, but additionally breakable. Years later, via expertise and innovation got here bottles that have been fabricated from plastic, which supplied the advantages of being each lighter and unbreakable, making the glass baby bottle a factor of the previous. Plastic child bottles have been created lengthy earlier than it was found {that a} sure kind of plastic utilized in child bottles can really hurt a growing baby. This information sparked the talk of which bottle is safer for infants, glass or plastic. So what’s the most suitable option for fogeys in search of protected baby bottles? The next info relating to each glass and plastic child bottles is meant to help you decide for your self which sort of bottle is finest to your child.

Glass Baby Bottles:


· Glass baby bottles are sturdy and are actually obtainable with silicon sleeves that shield towards breakage when dropped.

· Glass bottles do not include dangerous chemical compounds that may find yourself within the baby’s system.


· Glass bottles are heavy and considerably extra awkward than plastic ones.

· Glass bottles current the hazard of being dropped and having shattered glass on the ground to wash up.

Plastic Baby Bottles:


· Lighter weight makes plastic bottles simpler to deal with.

· Plastic bottles are not going to shatter when dropped like some glass baby bottles.

· The FDA has issued statements that it believes the quantities of BPA (bisphenol A) that leads to meals or bottles comprised of plastic containing are too low to trigger any actual well-being results in people.


· Some plastic bottles are comprised of plastics that include bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to an elevated threat of varied types of most cancers in lab rats that have been uncovered to the chemical.

· Plastic bottles fabricated from polycarbonate are those that include BPA and might trigger BPA to leak into the contents of the baby bottles (one thing you don’t need your baby consuming).

· The FDA continues to research the problems surrounding BPA containing plastic foods and drinks containers and the related dangers, which for now nonetheless stays unresolved.

Selecting a Bottle for Your Baby


There are mainly three several types of bottles for children: glass, plastic, and plastic with plastic with plastic liners. Though there hasn’t been fully conclusive proof relating to the dangers of BPA, if you happen to want to keep away from exposing your child to BPA, it is best to keep away from shopping for plastic meals/drink containers that show the both the #7 recycling image or the “PC” image on the underside. These logos are normal indicators that the merchandise is prone to include BPA, however not particular proof. Many plastic bottles will clearly state that their product doesn’t include BPA.

Even if you want to proceed to utilize plastic bottles, you’ll be able to nonetheless use ones that are fabricated from non-polycarbonate plastics, which do not include BPA. Some examples of non-polycarbonate plastics are polyethylene (#1, #2, or #four recycling symbols) or polypropylene (#5 recycling image). When your little one is able to use a sippy cup, there are non-polycarbonate plastics variations obtainable.

Another choice for making certain that your child is not uncovered to BPA is utilizing plastic baby bottles with disposable liners that do not include BPA, which can clearly say BPA-free on the label. This selection does carry a better value because of the liners needing to be swapped out after every feeding.


When you resolve that you simply do need to give glass baby bottles a strive, however, are apprehensive about breakage and security, there are silicon sleeves which are obtainable that may be slipped over glass bottles to forestall breakage if the bottle is dropped.

Cleaning and Sustaining Your Baby’s Bottle

You’ll be able to cut back the chance of exposing your little one to BPA by following these precautions:

  • Do not retailer breast milk or system in plastic baby bottles. Place breast milk and formulation into bottles simply earlier than feeding and you should definitely throw out any unused portion.
  • Keep away from exposing plastic bottles to warmth and put on. Each warmth and extreme put on to degrade the plastic containing BPA and might enhance the speed of the BPA leaking from a plastic bottle.
  • Make sure to throw out polycarbonate bottles that present indicators of wear and tear resembling cracks, chips, or scratches.
  • Solely use heat water and mild cleansers on polycarbonate bottles and be certain to not use scorching water or harsh cleansers which may trigger the plastic to breakdown and launch BPA.
  • BPA can be discovered within the lining of system cans, so choosing powdered formulation will permit you to cut back the degrees of BPA current within the system.

Whether or not you select plastic or glass child bottles, feeding your child generally is a rewarding, bonding expertise. When you observe the rules talked about above, you’ll be able to relaxation assured that you’re offering the most secure care to your little one at mealtime.

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