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Baby strollers are one of the best modes of transportation for infants and toddlers. They not only carry your baby but many of them will carry your belongings as well. There are a number of different styles of strollers to choose from and the most difficult thing about a stroller is choosing one.

There are a great number of different styles of baby strollers available to choose from. Before you buy one you should consider some of the features you would like with your stroller:


  • · Wheels and handles
  • · Convenience features
  • · Lightweight or heavy
  • · Umbrella style
  • · Carriage style
  • · Large
  • · Small

Although these things may seem like they are simple decisions to make, not all strollers have all of these features. Some are simple strollers with a seat, four wheels, and a handle system while others feature bags to store things you may need in, footrests for the child, toy bars, plastic trays, rain hoods, car seat holders and much more. So when you choose a stroller you must take all of this into consideration.

Many strollers have adjustable handles that make using them easier for taller parents. It can be a back-breaking experience if you have to use a stroller that is too short for your height.

The handles should be comfortable and not have any sharp edges. Some toddlers like to play with strollers and sharp edges could injure your child. If the handles are not comfortable, it could cause cramping in your hands.

The wheels should turn corners well and roll smoothly. Some more expensive strollers have ball bearing wheels making them one of the smoothest rides available for babies. They should be securely attached to the stroller without wobbling or wondering.

They should also be made of rubber and not hard plastic wheels. Hard plastic wheels are alright for a baby stroller if you are going to be using it on soft surfaces but they make the ride too bumpy on solid, hard surfaces.

Determine whether you would like any of the convenience features that are offered for the baby stroller. Some come with rain hoods, activity trays, drink and snack holders and organizing pockets for you to store the baby’s needs in.

These are usually more expensive but can save you from having to carry a diaper bag when going to the park or shopping. The drink and snack holders are usually removable and can be used if going to a movie or removed if you are simply going for a walk.

Lightweight Strollers

There are a number of lightweight strollers available. Most weigh less than 20 pounds and still carry a vast array of features that the larger, heavier strollers carry. The most economical and lightweight baby stroller is the umbrella stroller. It features a handle like an umbrella and usually folds up and can be carried on your arm if needed. These are not practical for infants though because they provide no support for their back and nothing to keep them from falling forward.

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