Fun Fitness for Pregnancy 8 Great Ideas

If the idea of walking on a treadmill, doing calisthenics, or following exercise videos bores you to tears, then it’s time to spice things up! There’s no reason why fitness for pregnancy can’t be fun.

Anyone who has been exercising for any length of time will probably tell you that exercise can very easily become routine and boring. When that happens, it feels more like a chore and you begin having to force yourself to do it. So it’s important to change things up from time to time so that you’ll stay interested and not slack off.

This is especially true when you’re pregnant. Many pregnant women feel limited in their abilities and believe that they can no longer be active. Fortunately, this is not true. There are many fun physical activities that pregnant women can do well in their term.

Here are some fun fitness for pregnancy exercises that you might enjoy:

  1. Yoga is a great, low-key, no impact way to stretch and exercise muscles. You can take a class if you want the social experience, or you can follow along with a video from the comfort of your home.
  2. Pilates is another very good way to exercise, which can also be done in a class or in your home. Like yoga, Pilates allows you to increase or decrease the intensity level to suit your ability.
  3. Swimming is probably my favorite activity. It’s fun, refreshing on a hot day, and works a lot of muscles.
  4. Hiking is a very good way to add a new dimension to walking. It places you in new and interesting surroundings and gives you things to focus on other than the fact that you’re exercising. You can do it alone or with friends. Be careful, though, not to choose hiking paths that could cause you to lose your balance and fall, particularly in the later months of your term.
  5. Tennis is a great outdoor activity that you can enjoy with a friend or group of friends. Just be sure not to over-exert yourself and avoid any movements that might cause you to fall. If you’re already an avid tennis player, you’ll definitely have to tone down your game.
  6. Golf is a game that requires a lot of walking (as long as you don’t opt for the golf cart). It’s a very nice way to spend a warm afternoon and get a lot of low-impact exercise.
  7. Ballet can be a wonderful activity that has many benefits, including improved balance, increased blood flow, limber muscles and tone muscles.
  8. Belly dancing is a fun way to strengthen and gain better control of your core muscles, which will be a big help on “D-Day” (delivery day).

All of these are great ways to have a lot of fun and get your exercise at the same time. Once you discover a few of these activities that you really enjoy, you’ll forget that you’re even exercising. The most important thing is just to stay active. Make it a point to do something every day. You’ll be stronger, healthier, and more energetic. You might even find that your overall mood improves.

I cannot stress enough how important exercise is during pregnancy. And adding fun into the mix just makes it that much better. So please don’t just close this article and do nothing. Try these 8 fun fitness for pregnancy ideas and find the ones that really appeal to you. For more pregnancy fitness ideas, you can follow this link to get a complete “done for you” pregnancy fitness plan with step-by-step instructions: Yoga Burn Reviews

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