Maternity Clothes and Accessories

Thinking about what to wear now that you’re pregnant? This is what you have to think about maternity clothes and accessories.

Good news has finally arrived and you can experience the joy of knowing that is has happened and you are finally going to get that precious baby you have waited for. Although you still do not look as though you are pregnant you know your belly will pop one of these days. So when is the perfect time to start buying maternity clothes because as happy as you are to be pregnant you don’t want to wake up one morning and find yourself searching your closet for things to accommodate your growing belly and find nothing?

Most women start to show around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy but it is not unheard of to start showing as early as two months. So estimating the right time to start purchasing maternity clothes by how far along you are in your pregnancy is not a great idea.

It is extremely important to keep in touch with your changing body and make changes as necessary. Gradually you will start to feel as though your waistline is changing and that is the time when you need to stop squeezing into your regular pants and start looking for pregnancy clothing.


Pregnancy is about listening to your body and staying up to date with what is happening with your growing belly and baby. Therefore when your body starts to make changes so should your wardrobe.

It is completely unrealistic to estimate how much weight you will gain during your pregnancy and therefore buying maternity too soon could cause a problem with sizing.

By waiting until your body starts to make changes you are better equipped with the knowledge of purchasing the correct size instead of trying to guess what size you will be during later months.

Buying maternity clothing too early could create more expense later on because of purchasing the wrong size. Therefore do not start too early because your body will be going through some serious changes in the next several weeks and months.

While the excitement is mounting and you are extremely excited about being pregnant and wanting to enjoy everything pregnancy has to offer remember that listening to your body is the most important thing you can do in regards to maternity clothes as well as the health of you and your baby.

The best time to start buying maternity clothes is when your body starts making subtle changes, therefore, letting you know it is the right time.

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