20 Products to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Baby

Is your hospital bag ready? You are in the 37th week of pregnancy and has been nesting like crazy. The nursery is ready and your partner has spent a whole weekend assembly of the crib and rocking chair. You have folded clothes and everything hung in the closet. All you need is your baby to arrive.

In all that excitement, do not forget that you need to prepare a hospital bag “go” to the hospital. This is your hospital bag, with all its essential elements, which leave it near the door so that when you are ready to go to the hospital, you can grab it. It is recommended that you pack this bag several weeks before her due date – just in case your baby makes an early appearance!

What should be on your list of essentials for your hospital bag? We will share the 20 items you definitely need (and certainly will) when it’s time to go!


This is probably the most important thing you can remember and something that people rarely speak. Make sure you have the appropriate documentation in your hospital bag. This includes several elements:

Insurance information

Take your insurance cards and all your important documents safe. When you are admitted to the hospital, they will ask for the information, so you should have it on hand.

Contact Information pediatrician

Another piece of information that will be requested when admitted is to obtain information about your pediatrician. Having your contact information, because as soon as your baby is here, your pediatrician will be notified. Within 24 hours, the doctor will give your baby a routine checkup. Do not let your brain tired prevent pregnancy will remember this important information.

For Baby

Yes, your baby needs to have a few things for your baby. You’re going to get several things for free from the hospital — like diaper and wipes. Talk with your doctor before your delivery to make sure that there isn’t something you might need. Here are a few good ideas to bring along:

This is one of the most common gifts for new parents. blankets, also known as Cruisers, thin blankets made from soft fabrics like cotton or flannel. The name comes from an old custom that a new baby would be wrapped in a blanket just after birth before giving mom the baby to “receive”. These covers become useful after birth to keep them warm and give them a playground and more.

Socks or Booties

Newborn babies do not move at all, and that can cause them to get cold feet. While you may not think about it, your baby’s feet will be really sensitive to cold temperatures and can get frostbite easily. Keeping socks or booties nearby when it gets cold is something you want to consider. They do not take up too much space in your hospital bag and your baby will appreciate the warm feet.

Going Home Outfit

Hopefully, you will go home with your new baby 24 to 48 hours after delivering your baby. You want to make sure you have a sweet little outfit for your new baby to wear on the return home. Most people forget this important point and are scrambling to find something.

Car Seat

Yes, a car seat. You’ll have to transport baby home somehow! Do not forget to have the basis of all tied up and ready to take baby home. Make sure that before his trip to the hospital that you have gone through and made sure it is properly installed. One of the most common reasons for a delay in taking a baby home is the improper installation of the car seat. And double and triple check, and have your partner read the instructions during installation.

Do I Need Diapers or Wipes for the Hospital?

No! Lucky for you, the hospital has plenty of diapers and wipes for use during your stay. Many hospitals also gift parents with a whole supply of diapers and wipes for the first few days. Don’t worry about bringing your own — leave those at home.

Extra Hospital Bag for All Freebies

Because you will get a gift from the hospital or from a visitor, you’ll want to pack a bag or two to help you carry all the items into the car as few trips as possible. Make sure it is a large, sturdy bag that can handle multiple items.

Nightgown and Robe

After giving birth, you’ll want to sleep. You can stick with the dress of the hospital, but you’ll probably be more comfortable to wear a nightgown. If you plan to start breastfeeding your baby, be sure to choose one that opens in the front to accommodate. A dress is a great option for providing cover when you have visitors or when you have to walk to your bathroom.


Hospital tile floors can be cold. Have slippers or sandals that you can easily slip on before walking to the bathroom. This will keep you comfortable without tiling surprise ice wake up!

Back Massager or Tennis Ball

Labor and delivery can cause back pain. If you want some help to relieve back pain or stress feels, pack a back massager or a tennis ball. Use them as necessary when you feel you need it. You may even want to have time to go home!

Pillow and bath towel

You are particularly perhaps on his pillow. It’s okay. Having something familiar to rest your head on can make you feel more comfortable. Pack your favorite pillow. Be sure to use a pillowcase bright color so do not forget to take with you once you leave. towels hospitals tend to be small and rough – go through a lot of clothes. Consider packing a soft towel for use once you can shop shower after birth. You may wrap yourself in a towel and feels much himself.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

You’ll be in the hospital for a couple of days. clean teeth make a difference when someone wants to cool off. Be sure to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste so you can still enjoy good hygiene. In addition, you’ll want to have the least good encouragement for all visitors who come to visit.

Lipstick or lip balm

You will get chapped lips during delivery. Not a sign of labor, but rather a consequence of the work. It was mouth breathing during delivery so your lips get chapped. Make sure your package pencil or lip balm preferred to help remedy this. Your lips will thank you, especially when you start eating ice chips.

Moisturizing lotion

Especially in the winter, hands get cold and dry. Having your own moisturizer or lotion familiar in hand gives you a familiar scent to make you feel at home. Keep your bed lotion for easy access.

Books, music, magazines or movies

Delivery can be long and boring. Make sure you have plenty of entertainment to keep your mind off delivery. If you love books or movies or magazines, make sure you have plenty of those options in hand. Charge your iPad or other devices with your favorite movies or TV shows. Download any video from your favorite streaming software. You do not know how reliable would be the wi-fi and have a copy on your device eliminates any delay buffer.


In one of the last visit before your due date, check with your doctor to find out if there are restrictions on what you can eat or drink during labor. Consider lollipop as a way to keep the moisture in your mouth. Also, the hospital food was very underwhelming. It may be comforting to have some familiar (and favorite) foods to eat. You’ll also want some snacks for your partner to help fuel them through the process as well.Drink
Depending on how long labor progresses, you may need a boost of energy or something postpartum to help you stay awake. Instead of struggling to find something you like, make sure that you pack some drinks were enjoyed. You may consider adding a sports drink with electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

Mobile and Charger

You will want to capture perfect moments after the baby has arrived. Most phones have a fantastic camera so that instead of bringing a great camera, just bring your cell phone and charger. You can then be sure to update your family when your baby has arrived and you’re ready to share the good news.

Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap

You will want to take a shower after childbirth, especially if you expect your family and friends to visit you in the hospital. Make sure you pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and soap to help yourself feel more like you. Do not forget to pack your deodorant as well.

Heavy-Duty Maternity Pads

Let’s talk about after your delivery. It’s normal to experience lots of bleeding after birthday. Maternity pads are made especially for those who have had a baby. They’re extra long and thicker than regular pads. While the hospital may have some of these, you want to bring some of your own. You will need to change pads regularly to begin with — every couple of hours — until the flow decreases. Make sure you have several pairs of underwear that can accommodate these pads in your bag too.

Going Home Outfit

Baby, you need clothes to go home, but you also! Make sure that you pack a clean set of clothes pregnant because you still will not be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes. You may want to wait to buy nursing bras until after the baby comes and your milk comes in so that you can measure for your cup size.

a list which should provide you with everything that you and your baby will need to stay in the hospital.

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