Why Should You Take Folic Acid During Pregnancy?

folic acid

Folic acid importance: If you are thinking about getting pregnant soon, you need to visit your gynecologist or fertility doctor for a general check to see if everything related to your reproductive system is functioning normally. At this stage, your doctor may recommend that you take folic acid supplements before conception and during pregnancy as well. But why is it so important to take folic acid during pregnancy? What makes for the fetus and for you?

The main reason that should take a small dose of folic acid is reduced fetal abnormalities, particularly spina bifida. Spina bifida is a fetal abnormality where there is an incomplete closure of the spinal column and membranes. In other words, the spine does not form properly around the spinal cord of the baby. It is also known as a defect of the neural tube.

It is also used by women before and during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. Furthermore, it can reduce a call chemical homocysteine ​​blood levels. There is the possibility that elevated homocysteine ​​levels are associated with the risk of heart disease. It can also be used to prevent or treat folate deficiency and other complications such as anemia and the ability of the intestine to absorb nutrients. There are other benefits of using folic acid, including the prevention of colon cancer, cervical cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Fertility Doctor Says

A fertility doctor will advise you about 4oo mcg daily. If subjected to fertility treatment or IVF IVF should also consider the adoption of a small dose of folic acid daily. Women tend to suffer from epilepsy should take a double dose of 800 mcg a day. A doctor specializing in fertility often advised taking a supplement to ensure you get the correct daily dose.

Folic acid is also found naturally in foods such as leafy vegetables, asparagus, bananas, melons, lemons, mushrooms, beans, beef liver, and kidneys. It is also found in tomato juice and orange juice. Over the past two to three decades it has been added to breads, pastas and bakery products.

It is easy to see why it is so important in pregnant women. If you are unsure about what vitamins or nutritional supplements that require your body if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or just wants to live a healthier life, be sure to consult with your doctor before starting a new supplement regime.

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